About the Pharmacist


Yasmin Rahmani, Pharm. D.

Yasmin graduated from the University Of Southern California School Of Pharmacy, earning her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in 2006. That same year, Yasmin became a full-time pharmacist at Eddie’s Pharmacy, a well-recognized community pharmacy in West Hollywood, California. Yasmin proudly remained a member of this established pharmacy until 2012. 

For the past seven years, Yasmin has focused all of her energy in establishing herself as an integral part of a small family of specialty pharmacists in the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood communities, with emphasis in the area of HIV/AIDS therapy and disease management.

In late 2012, the idea of establishing her own pharmacy became a reality and Yasmin’s Pharmacy was born.  Yasmin spent 8 months honing Yasmin’s Pharmacy into the ideal environment for a friendly and personable community pharmacy while infusing a modern, state of the art infrastructure.  Finally, in August 2013, Yasmin’s Pharmacy was opened to the public.

Yasmin enjoys having close ties to the community and remains involved in numerous pharmacy organizations which allow her to keep current with political action, medication & disease state management and current health practices. Such organizations include The California Pharmacists Association, The National Community Pharmacists Association and the local West Hollywood Pharmacists Association. 

Yasmin looks forward to greeting new patients and improving the quality of their everyday lives and well being.  If Yasmin can be of service in any way, please feel free to contact her at Yasmin@yasminspharmacy.com.