HIV/AIDS Pharmaceutical Treatment

Over the past decade, the landscape of pharmaceutical treatment and care for patients with HIV/AIDS has been, and continues to be, in a constant state of flux and improvement to enhance quality of life.

Yasmin’s Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy with extensive experience in helping patients manage the complex treatment of HIV/AIDS.  Since becoming a pharmacist in 2006, Yasmin has worked closely with people living with HIV/AIDS and their health care providers to make sure that her patients have easy access to all of their pharmaceutical needs as well as a good understanding of their medication regimens. In doing so, Yasmin’s Pharmacy offers both conventional medications as well as homeopathic, compounding and alternative methods of pharmaceutical products.

Once infected with the HIV virus, compliance with the prescribed medication regimen is the key for proper viral containment.  To that end, our pharmacist, technicians and staff are highly trained and geared to be a dependable source of professional care and support for patients in order for them to experience peace of mind while maintaining and improving their quality of life.

In order to be your specialty pharmacy of choice, Yasmin’s Pharmacy provides the following:

  • Authorized Serostim provider
  • Specified compliance programs for each patient
  • Custom-made drug packaging  and reminders for refills
  • Free, nation-wide delivery
  • Specialized, personalized and confidential one-on-one counseling 
  • Complete stock of all essential behind the counter and over the counter conventional medications, as well as alternative and supplemental treatment options
  • Counseling to help avoid unwanted drug interactions
  • Automatic refills to ensure patients never run out of their medications
  • Medication therapy management and disease state management
  • Patient saving cards to help minimize anti-viral medication co-pay costs